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August 25, 2021

Top Tips to Create a Stunning Time-Lapse

From tripods, to motion control, pre-production to post-production, we summed up our go to’s and must haves to create a mesmerizing timelapse. Whether for personal or professional use, a timelapse can elevate your brand and be used for both aesthetic and functional purposes. AND, they’re just really fun to watch over and over and over again (hellooo increased number of views on content).


Top 5 Tips for Recording Voice-Overs

Be it the voice of an angel, the sounds of a wicked witch or even a puppet (Have you met Jake?), we highlighted our top tips to capture the perfect sound without a standard recording studio. As versatile filmmakers, often on-location, we believe it to be essential to adapt and have the equipment and skills necessary to not only make it work, but make it great. Have a look!

Top 5 Tips for Recording a Podcast

Ready to start the conversation? This video will help you get started! We share our introductory steps to ensure your first podcast runs smoothly.  From planning out your talking points, being mindful of distractions, using the right gear and having a post workflow in mind, this is a quick dip into an ocean of podcast knowledge. Ready to get your toes wet?

Top 5 Tips to Modify Light Using a Spotlight Mount

It’s no secret that once you start using lights in your videos, you never go back.  Lighting is what makes things look cinematic. So what does a spotlight mount do? Incredible, wondrous things! They’re essentially tubes based on an old theatrical design that let you colour, reshape and project images.  Whether you're looking to purchase your next equipment investment or curious as to what these lights can do, give this video a watch!

5 Top EF Lenses for a Versatile Shooting Kit

You guessed it. Once again, we did all of the things - scripted, shot, recorded VO (edited out the never to be heard VO), created motion graphics (cartoons), edited (coffee-fuelled hours, attempting to sit with good posture on computer AKA post-production) and rendered (wait with bated-breath) out all of the visuals and sounds in this tip video featuring EF lenses. Watch now!

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