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We bring years of multidisciplinary experience, and technical and creative craftsmanship to each project. From conceptualizing to producing the final product, we have the skills and tools necessary to fully develop and communicate your vision. 
our footage is filmed on

Professional cameras

These render scenes beautifully with a high dynamic range and are rich in naturalistic colour. In addition, camera movement creates an immersive and engaging experience for the audience. To achieve this, we use a wide variety of tools such as gimbal stabilizers, motion-controlled sliders and jibs, and even drone footage to enhance the visual experience.

an integral part of production

Lighting design

It sets the mood of the scene, provides direction to the viewer on the intended point of focus in a scene, and can add colour and texture. From soft-boxes to key lighting to shaping and modifiers, we have the skill and equipment necessary to cut and shape light.

"Bourdon Creative took us under their wing and were professional, organized, and delivered videos that wowed our customers"

high quality visuals and

High quality audio

Audio is half of the experience of viewing a video, which is why we use film production quality microphones to record dialogue. We pull out all the stops to ensure your audio is crisp, clean and punchy. In addition to capturing audio, our team consists of a voice artist who is well-versed in corporate, marketing, creative and performance vocals. 


Enhance your video with customized 2D animations!

motion graphics
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