The 13 Days of Frightful Fun

About the project

The Bourdon team was brought on to handle and execute production, direct, and edit the web-series. Within a fast 5-week timeline, all components of the series were shot, edited and released over a 13-day lead up to Halloween.

Cinematography, Motion Graphics, Voice-Overs
October 2020

A customized halloween production

CanScare, made up of Co-Creative Directors, Brendan James Boyd and Alana Banks, wanted to create a series of Halloween tutorials for all ages. Our team worked closely CanScare to finalize the set and design the lighting that would set the mood for the series.

Bourdon Creative worked to provide the CanScare team with a custom setup to ensure a successful execution of the production. Live monitors connected to both cameras allowed the puppeteers to watch themselves on-screen while performing. A wireless live mic was setup to capture the character's live audio. The tutorial sequences were shot from an overhead camera and side angle to provide clear visuals and imagery for the participating audience.

Puppet sequences and tutorials were shot in CanScare’s studio, and additional b-roll to show the application of all of the crafts, were shot on location at a residential house.

Opening scene

The opening scene was created using a miniature set, directed by Davin Baron and team, and took us through the graveyard and up to the house. Our job was to shoot the transition shot from the outside of the house and through the window, using a large scale window and motion control.

After executing the shot, we used rotoscoping techniques in post-production to create a seamless opening sequence - right through to reveal Jake’s ghostly appearance! To create the closing sequence, we reversed the footage to fly the audience back out the window, followed by separately shot credits. 

Meet Jake

The host with the most, Jake Alabaster, built by CanScare’s Brendan James Boyd, using chroma-green material. We applied VFX in post-production and create his custom ghostly appearance that truly provided a unique aesthetic to the visual.

In order to “place” him into the scene, a key component was to film the background prior to Jake entering the shot and be meticulous about continuity between camera angles and lighting.

I'll get you my pretty

Spooky speakers

In addition too assisting with finalizing scripts and recording the puppeteers audio, we recorded the voice overs. Our own Jessica Bell, provided the voice over for the witchy character who narrates the tutorial and Brendan James Boyd voiced the additional supporting characters.

In editing all of the recorded audio, special effects were utilized to highlight Jake’s ghostly howl and accentuate the witchy tones in Jessica’s voiceover.

"James, Rebecca and Jessica are absolutely dedicated to delivering the highest quality video content and their work ethic is unmatched."