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We at Bourdon Creative Inc. specialize in end-to-end video production, photography, graphic, identity, and web design and development.  

Bringing years of multidisciplinary experience, and technical and creative craftsmanship to each project, we have the mastery and motivation to fully develop and communicate your vision - from conceptualizing to producing the final product. 

Dive into our portfolio and you’ll find a wealth of works, from marketing and corporate multi-media and custom brand packages, to special occasion highlights and live stream events. 

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opping it off, we bring out of the box thinking to each project with our own creative and collaborative forays into wondrous, fantastical and macabre narrative work.

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We bring years of multidisciplinary experience, and technical and creative craftsmanship to each project. From conceptualizing to producing the final product, we have the skills and tools necessary to fully develop and communicate your vision.
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Photography is a craft and we, artisans. Whether it’s the bubbles of champagne or the tallest skyscraper in the city, an intimate exchange of vows or the afterparty, our cameras, creativity and skill can capture your most professional and candid moments.
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Motion Graphics

Engage your audience with delightfully sleek and fluid animations that quickly tell your story, guide their attention and leave them wanting more! We construct dynamic, multi-layered scenes with fluid, concisely timed animation and camera movements.
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Website Design & Development

Your website is the ultimate destination where visitors come to stay. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing update or a brand new website for your company, we can make it happen!
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Brand Identity

Think of your brand as the blueprint to your business. We work closely with you to curate your brand identity by taking the time to learn, understand and research trends in your industry.
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Memorable Moments

Whether you’re tying the knot, celebrating a milestone, or heading to the ‘Good Place’, we capture the special moments in your life and create beautiful memories for you to share and enjoy, over and over again.
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"The idea is a result of careful study and observation, and the design a product of that idea."

Our Approach
Who We Are

Creative Team

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How we do it



We delve into what makes you tick and absorb all relevant attributes to create a foundation on which to build your vision.


Exploring all creative directions, we design a map that aligns with your vision and goals in order to initiate and execute success.


Be it designing your digital assets, capturing cinematic moments or creating the perfect shot, we meticulously compose a custom masterpiece.


The moment you’ve been waiting for - a bundle of excellence in the form of tangible results.
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